"I used to panic, hands would sweat and be extremely nervous"

I get very nervous when I have to speak in front of an audience

"The benefits have been lasting, so healing for my relationships and myself"

Dylan left feeling a sense of freedom, love and compassion around the very same subject matter that had earlier caused great discomfort.

Listen to Chiara recount her experience: 

Dissolve your dread of being in the spotlight

Chiara understood how vital it was to find a way to master her fear of public speaking in order to excel even further in her career and lifestyle. If you are sick of feeling panicked when speaking in front of a crowd and want to learn the the same method that will allow you to feel calm and even have fun giving speeches, schedule a 10-minute phone call with Jason. He can show you how to feel a shift that will likely have you astonished at how quick and permanent it can be.

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