Jason Reagan

Jason Reagan is an author and speaker on getting unstuck in life! Physically, this means achieving peak health and fitness by training smarter, not harder. Mentally, it means having a go-to method to create “Aha” moments on demand, and a new empowerment to relieve anxiety and stress disorder where no conventional methods work. He boasts over a decade's experience in Health Sciences, including a B.A. in Health and Kinesiology, two personal fitness trainer certifications, certification in positive psychology, and won a first place bodybuilding title in 2005. Since 2012 Reagan has practiced numerous approaches to meditation, emotional mastery, hypnosis and the law of attraction. He is the founder of Zen Station, a community center for personal growth, and Joyfully Nutritious, an educational non-profit aimed at informing the public about healthy life choices.

Formerly an elite athlete but sacrificing his entire life in the process, Jason now sustains a high level of physical fitness while living a balanced social lifestyle. Inspired by discovering how to have it all, he delights in redefining what an average person can achieve physically and mentally without life altering sacrifice. 

With controversy still today on what is ideal for health, Reagan devotes his life to solid research with an emphasis on unearthing the circumstances surrounding claims and findings to present a larger picture of health in proper context. “Context is everything when making a health claim. It is so often the missing link. I’m a ‘30,000 ft. guy.’ I insist on viewing evidence from a wider perspective so I can advise with more integrity and be of greater help.” 

In addition to writing and speaking, Jason enjoys working with individual clients both in person and remotely. 

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @thejasonreagan

Contact: jason@jason-reagan.com

Love, love, love Jason Reagan. Every breakthrough session brings me to an answer to a question I didn’t know I was asking! thank you for opening your home and heart! You are appreciated!

David Browning

David dedicates his life to help others to silence the mind and enter into a state of consciousness that he now abides in at all times. He calls this state, Samadhi, which is as close to ultimate truth as we can get. Heralding from a very successful early life, at age 35 David began to search for deeper life meaning. He found it within himself in his own meditations which eventually led him to travel, practice and teach for many years including spending two years in India in strict study from the Dali Lama himself. Upon his return from India, David wrote and published his first book entitled “Seeing Through The Eyes Of God,” and developed a course on “The Mystic Seven; 7 Keys To Abiding In The Awareness Of The Enlightened Mind.” David leads "The Mystic Seven" class weekly, through which he has discovered that it is possible to express the inexpressible so that others may have these experiences for themselves. 

Contact: dawnbreeze55@gmail.com

Through David’s guidance I’ve had the wildest, deepest experiences in meditation. He also has this jovial humility that brings me the utmost feelings of ‘this guy gets it’.

Scott Martin

Scott, MA, LMT, NMT, holds a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Texas at Tyler and specializes in Energy Psychology and mindfulness based therapies for anxiety, depression, trauma, and life in general.  Scott holds a license in massage therapy and has advanced certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Therapy, and Myofascial Release.  As a Reiki Master and EFT practitioner he examines and treats mind and body towards the movement of whole health of the individual.  He is a founder of the East Texas Mindfulness Society and is passionate about building mindfulness in the community.  Scott facilitates 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses that show nothing short of stellar results from people upon completion.  Contact him for course info and scheduling.

Contact: scott@texasmindful.com

This man’s determination and passion is downright INFECTIOUS and AHHMAZING. Scott knows his stuff. He’s got this astounding way of helping you read and understand your own body.