Meet Dylan

Dylan reversed his most bothersome limiting beliefs and is now creating the career lifestyle and relationship of his dreams.

"I experienced total relief of trapped emotions"

Dylan is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs, and people, I've had the pleasure of meeting. From his early teens he has excelled in his spiritual development as well as creating and growing successful businesses. 

On his continuing journey of creating the life of his dreams he has overcome many obstacles, especially those in his mind. Dylan reached out for some additional strategies to purge and reverse a handful of beliefs that were very bothersome and at the time holding him back from blissfully moving forward in life. He knew that as long as these beliefs felt true in his mind he would remain stuck and feel a lingering torture.

I had Dylan write out on paper every uncomfortable truth he could think of to squeeze out every drop of resistance. We then got right to work on them and successfully reversed every belief in one sitting. We measured the success by reading aloud the statements he had written just prior and feeling no truth or emotion in them whatsoever. His own bothersome words and thoughts now felt artificial to speak aloud.

"The benefits have been lasting, so healing for my relationships and myself"

Dylan left feeling a sense of freedom, love and compassion around the very same subject matter that had earlier caused great discomfort.

Listen to Dylan recount his experience: 

Learn to eradicate your most bothersome truths

Dylan knew the importance of mastering his mind to have the healthiest relationships and career, and was committed to finding a solution. If you are ready to take new control and rid your negative thoughts quickly, schedule a discovery call with Jason! You will be astonished at how quick and permanent your relief can be.

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