Meet Jade

Jade rose from hopeless despair to creating a powerful future she is excitedly looking forward to.

“I felt like the walking dead every day"

Jade had just moved to a small Texas town when we met. She moved to help her family open and grow a new business. She was in a very dark place, deeply depressed, and listless. She describes not knowing the first thing to do to get through her depression. Jade thought about suicide many times, but the only thing that kept her from going that far was the thought of her family suffering more because of it. She didn't feel like she could relate to anyone and became extremely reclusive.

"I truly felt I was a lost cause"

Since meeting and partnering up with Jason in October 2015, Jade reveals feeling more like herself than she has in a long time and now has tools that help her through any challenges she is facing. "If I hadn't met Jason when I did I can't imagine how I could have handled the last few months." 

"When I wake up in the morning I have a sense of purpose again"

Every day she feels she is moving closer to her true self without fear of where she is going to end up or guilt for not taking better care of herself. She is kinder to herself now and feels as if the fog has been lifted. "I am so impressed with the dedication and care Jason puts into his work. He is truly passionate about the work he does and I feel like a priority with him rather than a paycheck or means to an end. I can open up and be vulnerable without fear of judgement."

"I was completely shocked by how soon I felt better"

Jade thought it would take years of therapy or drugs to arrive at this place from where she was prior to meeting. She recalls feeling a deep relief after her second session, feeling like she had finally found the way. She admits it's still an ongoing process and having much work to do but seeing the results has given her such hope and comfort in knowing "I'll be OK after all!"

Listen to Jade's final thoughts:

"I am so excited for my future!! I don't worry anymore about where I'll end up because I know I'm on a positive constructive path. Even when I get into a depressive state I know I'll get though it soon enough and those moments are now few and far between. Even my mother has commented on my energy being calming and I had a couple of friends say I seem happier and glowing. Thank you, Jason, for coming into my life, for caring, and taking the time to guide me through this challenging time in my life.”

There is hope out of the ashes of depression

Jade had no idea there was even a way to rise from seemingly permanent despair, yet she remained open to trying anything. If you feel crushed, anxious or hopeless and are grasping to get your head above water, schedule a discovery call with Jason! You will be astonished at how quick and permanent your relief can be.

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