Meet Jodi

Jodi went from having no job, no car, looming homelessness and physical disability to laughing her way to a new career, lifestyle and control over her anxiety.

“I tear myself down a lot, I don't really like myself, I beat myself up verbally"

Jodi arrived with a plethora of concerns including having no job, no car, looming homelessness and physical disability. She is missing a disc in her spine causing daily, chronic pain. This disability had prevented her from working despite her best efforts and the repeated failures created extreme anxiety during any interview or conversation about possible work, thus creating a cycle of more failure. She described herself as having low self-confidence, low self-worth and a high level of self-loathing. Overall she claimed feeling control of her life as a 4 out of 10. 

"I've been on Xanax for years and I feel residual effects, I feel unable to be myself"

Most days she began with a high level of anxiety. When we started working together she was nervous and uncomfortable yet this came down in minutes using our method while focusing on her triggers. At the end of the first hour she reported, "I feel like I've got a natural high going on. I want to laugh about it!"

After dedicating time to eliminating the fear, worry and helplessness around her physical disability, she excitedly described noticing fewer symptoms and being bothered by it much less. While her physical ailment was out of our control, her reactions and emotions around it were very much in our control and she was able to take control of her mind very powerfully.

After dissolving her general anxiety and body pain, she next wanted to tackle her deep sense of self-loathing and negative self talk. It was so distressful for her to think about, she couldn't even voice it all out loud. Yet, after our time together, she said with wild astonishment, "I'm trying to figure out who said these things about me, but I can't think of any!" She left that day reporting positive self talk in her mind and feeling like anything was possible to change about herself.

"I now respect myself"

We then dove head first into her world of unworthiness and relationships, of which she had an unhealthy and unfortunate track record, but she was committed to change. She had a bad habit of judging herself, seeing herself as undeserving of a healthy relationship. "In all of my relationships I fail. I latch onto comfort instead of what I deserve. I stay instead of moving on. It's easy to do, and then I get upset at myself." 

After diligent work on this issue she exclaimed feeling totally worthy of a healthy relationship, and saying it out loud felt 90% true! I tested her by having her say "I don't deserve happiness", which made her laugh, and several more negative phrases which she said was like "reading a script, it didn't ring true at all".

"I don't deserve happiness...haha that makes me want to laugh!"

Lastly, Jodi wanted to transform herself out of emotional eating. She ate out of boredom, stress and out of habit while watching movies. More interestingly, she ate out of sheer survival, as she then depended on someone else for food and literally did not know when or where her next meal would come from. Jodi excelled at releasing her anxiety around this issue and in the process uncovered a new one. While we worked on increasing her abundance and income she realized she had resistance to a new job due to past experience. An additional round was all that was needed to clear that resistance out. 

Listen to Jodi's final thoughts:

"I got a job in a corporate office and I love it! I found an apartment not far from my new job, and I'll be moving there in the next couple of weeks. Everything is falling into place for me right now. I can't explain what's going on...but I'm so glad that the anxiety is gone. I'm so happy.”

When you are certain you are stuck, curiosity will save you

Jodi had circumstances that would test the will of the strongest of humans. She had no idea how to get unstuck, yet she remained curious and her curiosity paid her big rewards. If you feel stuck in life and have no idea how to move forward, schedule a discovery call with Jason. He can show you how to feel relief and control that will likely have you astonished at how quickly and permanent it can be.

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