Meet Kim

Kim finally found peace after self-help books, medication and therapy made no difference for her. 

“I'm so flabbergasted right now- this isn't normal for me! I've been through years of therapy, and this is the most effective thing I have ever done."

Kim had spent almost a decade of her life working with therapists to heal intense childhood trauma. She was given antidepressants for two years as well as A.D.D medication, which helped to slow down her racing thoughts but not the accompanying anxiety that she had since childhood. She reported that none of those aids have helped her as much as working with Jason. 

In Kim's words, "(Jason) helped me rewire my chemical reaction to risk, and anything that was/is perceived as a threat. For the first time in my entire existence I feel as though my life is my own to control, that I don't have to worry about controlling external factors which normally would cause me anxiety, and force me to avoid the triggers." She went on to claim she feels she is finally working with a blank slate, and can focus on letting the good build while continuously letting out the bad.

"Suppression, denial, super-up-beat positive self help books, and even meds have not given me an ounce of peace"

"I can control my reactions to those situations, and now I can focus on what drives me instead of being driven by my fears, worries, and anxieties." For the first time she feels ready to create and live life to the fullest. "I feel like a kid in a candy shop! Everything that has ever held me back has literally poofed into thin air... my mind is clear and I'm free to reshape my reality, and all I see is possibility!"

For the first time in her life, Kim is able to claim that she doesn't feel the negative emotions that have been historically so prevalent in her life.

A week after our first session I checked on Kim's progress and she had not regressed. She could not feel any negativity in reaction to situations or past events which used to stir turmoil in her mind.

"It feels my body and mind want to default to the normal way of thinking but it can't. I'm physically and mentally relaxed even though I have every reason to be freaking out due to stressful life changes right now. It's a novel experience."

“This is awesome. You make me look forward to being angry.”

Listen to Kim's final thoughts:

A few sessions with Jason are more complete and effective than traditional therapy and medication combined. Jason gives me the tools to successfully and thoroughly eliminate reactions to negative situations and people which are commonly present in life. I am happy with the value and the results that I have achieved from time spent with Jason, because I'm in control of the progress I want to make in my own life. I don't have to wait to see the therapist once a week, only for them to drop me a bread crumb trail of information which "one day" may give me peace or clarity of mind. These results are immediate and profound, and I owe all the positive changes coming up in my life to this amazing and relatively unheard of technique. It's like all our lives, we are a bucket accumulating things and his method allows people to drain that out and start over. I can now purposefully pull up negativity and drain that bucket. Things, people, and situations that used to terrify me, and cause me to live less fully, I now see as neutral factors that no longer have any weight in my decision making process. I'm ready to charge into all environments because I know I'll be okay. I don't have to avoid obstacles or reroute myself, which I've been doing my entire life. I've been searching for coping skills my entire life, and with Jason's help, I have been able to gain control and peace. I am so happy I found Jason because I didn't know that I could live life feeling so free!

Ditch the therapy and medication for a real solution

Kim understood the importance of eradicating the root causes of her problems, not just treating the surface symptoms. If you want to eventually ditch the medication and ongoing therapy, schedule a discovery call with Jason! You will learn how to give yourself immediate relief, that is permanent and life-altering.

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