Meet Lolo

Lolo conquered her anxiety around public speaking and is now eager to speak to the masses in her career.

"When I am speaking in large groups I get uncomfortable and wait for someone to respond as if I was in a conversation...then I lose track of what I am saying."

Lolo came to me interested in releasing the crushing anxiety she gets whenever she imagines herself on stage in front of a group of people, as her career depends on her speaking in large groups. When we met, she had some upcoming workshops at a large festival where she would be teaching two classes, a first for her, so time was of the essence to condition this out of her system. Furthermore, continuing to connect and engage with people teaching ongoing workshops based on health and energy healing techniques was also very important to her so she needed a fix that was permanent.

When I asked how long she had this fear of speaking she told me "ever since I was a kid, and nothing has helped. I've always just white knuckled it."

"I feel like what I am saying is not important to them or they've already heard it before. My voice cracks. I can't make eye contact. My chest feels tight until I am done speaking."

We got right to work de-conditioning every ounce of fear around seeing and hearing herself on a massive stage. Each round lowered her anxiety until eventually the uncomfortable tightness in her chest and stomach had disappeared completely and even putting herself in front of the largest audience would not trigger it back. 

Lolo was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the difference it made. She particularly enjoyed the ability to imagine herself having an anxiety attack and work through it without actually having to experience it physically. It was the perfect preparation. 

"Before I did this work even just visualizing public speaking made me anxious, just the thought of it, my chest was tight and my stomach and throat was knotted. But doing Jason’s method and visualizing the exact same thing the feeling is no longer there. I don’t have the same body responses that I did prior."

When I asked her if speaking in front of these audiences is something she has wanted to do for a while, she responded with an electrifying "Yesss! I want to teach. It is part of my purpose. By teaching I want to educate and people to heal themselves and be able to make informed decisions for their body and their world." Now, Lolo can fulfill her life's purpose without the baggage or barriers holding her back. 

Her healing practice and results can be found here!

Listen to Lolo recount her experience: 

Blast away your public speaking anxiety permanently!

Lolo was experiencing one of the most common reactions that humans face today: feeling nervous and anxious being in the spotlight. By facing it head on with the right tools she de-conditioned the threat in less than an hour. If your dream or career depends on performing at the highest confidence and comfort in the limelight, give yourself the gift of purging those demons and shining in front of the masses. Schedule a discovery call with Jason. You will be astonished at how quick and permanent it can be.

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